As Canada’s oldest company, Hudson’s Bay is working to reconcile its past and is committed to change for a more equitable future for all. 351 years after Hudson’s Bay Company was granted its Royal Charter, Hudson’s Bay Foundation is marking the anniversary with a new one: a promise to accelerate racial equity by changing how we invest in communities. Hudson’s Bay Foundation’s new focus begins with a ten-year, $30 million commitment.


This year, Hudson’s Bay Foundation is beginning long-term partnerships with organizations working to advance racial equity and inclusion in Canada. Change takes time, and we’re committed. Here are our impact targets for the next 10 years.




Change starts with how we invest. So Hudson’s Bay Foundation is focusing funding in three areas, critical to individuals and communities flourishing.



Supporting educational opportunities for Indigenous Peoples, Black People and People of Colour and funding organizations that educate all Canadians on anti-racism.


Breaking down systemic barriers to career opportunities and advancement faced by Indigenous Peoples, Black People and People of Colour.


Fostering personal, professional & cultural empowerment for Indigenous Peoples, Black People and People of Colour.


our partners for change


Hudson’s Bay Foundation is partnering with organizations supporting Indigenous Peoples, Black People and People of Colour with opportunities in education, employment and empowerment.


Click below to learn how our charitable partners impact lives:





Indspire supports and inspires First Nations, Inuit and Métis students across Canada to reach their highest potential. From nurturing and honouring Indigenous cultures and traditions, to providing life-changing scholarships, Indspire is committed to the long-term social and economic well-being of all Indigenous communities.